It Happened On Manhunt: 10-Inches of “Education”

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Had it not been for and the countless hours I spent jerking off to porn, there’s a decent chance I would have graduated toward the top of my class in college. I was (and still am) a hard worker! But, like most young men, I was incapable of working, um, hard (if you catch my drift).

In today’s installment of It Happened of Manhunt, our subject has a little more willpower than I did back then. Unlike me, he waits until his paper’s finished and then rewards himself with a sweaty, cum-filled fling… Did we mention that this fling involves a ten-inch dick? Because it does. Just in case you didn’t read the title.

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This is a story from a couple of years ago, when I was still in college in the Boston area. Boston was a fun town for hookups–plenty of guys online at all hours of the day, which was perfect for a college student with a sometimes crazy schedule looking to blow off some steam.

Not only were there plenty of men to choose from, there were plenty of thirty-somethings, my favorite age group to this day. And, if you’ll let me brag for a minute, as a slim versatile guy in his early twenties with a 7 1/2 inch dick, I had my pick of the litter. All of the variety made it hard to choose sometimes, but luckily there were always lots of guys to chat with before making a decision.

One hookup in particular stands out in my memory as the hottest time I have ever had. It was during my sophomore year, when my workload was taking over my life. Paper after paper, for weeks, with no time to have sex. Finally, I was ready to blow!

I was working on my last paper of the semester and taking breaks to cruise  for my reward after I handed it in the next day. About 9 or 10 at night, I started chatting to this guy who had really funky pictures that emphasized his lean muscles and furry chest–a huge turn on for me. Turned out he was a professional photographer, which was why his pictures were so well done.

We chatted for half an hour on IM, him making fun of my schoolwork, me joking that his cock couldn’t possibly be ten inches like his profile said. He got on cam for a little bit, and his body was just as hot and hard as it looked in the pictures, as was his dick!

Needless to say, I was drooling.

Sadly, with the paper still to finish, I couldn’t go out and get my taste of his massive dick. He said goodnight and I figured that would be that: just another missed connection, killed by bad timing.

I kept working on my paper and cruising all night, only napping for about 45 minutes. Now, I don’t know about the rest of you, but pulling an all-nighter just makes me extra horny, so I knew I would need some relief ASAP.

I finished my paper about 7:30 AM and got started on the real task at hand: finding a fuck buddy. Lo and behold, my hung friend from the night before was back online! I pounced, and we quickly started chatting again, more urgently than before.

I told him I had a couple classes to go to before I could hook up. He said I should blow them off and come to his place, and he even offered to pick me up. I was hesitant, until he said cockily that his dick would be way more educational than my class. I was hooked!

I quickly emailed my paper and told my professor that I was sick. Then, I took a shower and put on my jockstrap, along with some easy-to-discard clothes. About 10 minutes later, the guy picked me up in his beat-up pickup truck and started driving me to his place, one town over.

His fly was already unbuttoned, and as he pulled onto the freeway, I pulled out the largest dick I have ever seen. Ten inches of thick, glorious man-meat, hard as a rock! I couldn’t resist leaning over and sucking him as we drove–my first experience with road head!

We got to his place and went inside. He grabbed my face and stuck his tongue down my throat. When he was finished, he looked me up and down and said “Fuck yeah!” as he pushed me to my knees in front of him. To me, there is nothing hotter than a top taking control.

As he pushed his cock down my throat, I ran my fingers through the fur on his chest. I started gagging, but he kept pushing himself further down my throat, until his pubes brushed against my nose. He choked me on his dick a few more times before lifting me up and carrying me to his bed.

He threw me down on the bed, then lifted my ass in the air and started tongue-fucking me. I don’t mean rimming! His tongue was going in and out of my ass, penetrating me and driving me wild. After a few minutes of this, he tossed on a condom and spit on his hand, rubbing it on his dick.

I had never been fucked without lube before and was really nervous. This guy’s dick was massive and I hadn’t been fucked in weeks! He thrusted and stuck the head of his dick in me. I winced with pain and moaned “Lube!” as urgently as I could.

He just said “Shhh, give it a second.”

I waited and felt him inch his way in. After a minute or two, it felt amazing. I was moaning in pleasure as he rammed his dick into me. My ass was still in the air, and I was pinned down watching him pound me. He still wasn’t all the way in, though, until he told me to wrap my legs around his back. I did, and he picked me up, sliding me all the way down onto him in the process.

He filled me better than any other guy I had been with, and opened up my ass amazingly. Still inside me, he put me back down on the bed and started pulling all the way out and then thrusting back in, making me gasp each time.

Finally, he flipped me face down, and laid on top of me with his cock teasing my hole. He murmured in my ear, “You want my cock, boy?”

I could only nod.

He pushed all ten inches of himself into me in one thrust, then lifted me up and pulled my cock back. As he pounded my ass, he jacked my cock, until I gasped “I’m close!” He growled, said “Me too!” and kept thrusting harder and harder. I felt his cock get even thicker for a moment and knew he was cumming inside me.

I moaned and blew my load all over his sheets. He stayed inside me, as we both tried to catch our breath.

Finally, he pulled out, inch by inch. Once he was out, I felt the extra space in my ass. He rolled me onto my back and, as he took off his condom, growled “I’m not done with you yet.” He pinned me down and fed me his cum, straight out of the condom–another first for me! Once I licked it all off, he said “Good boy” and let me get up.

He drove me back to my dorm, and I made it to my last class of the day!

Over the next few months, we met up a handful of more times, and each time he fucked me as powerfully and thoroughly as the first. He moved away later in the year, but he will always be one of my best memories from my college years. And, like he promised, he taught me a whole bunch of new techniques. Way more than I learned in class!

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