Flashback Friday: Taurus & His “Humongous” 13 by 8 Inch Cock

Don’t quote me on those measurements! Taurus, the star of Humongous I (1986) and Humongous II (1987), has a dick that’s been described as “13 inches long and as thick as a beer can”. His girth has been referenced as anywhere between eight to ten inches around, and regardless of which is correct, one could […]

Flashback Friday: Catching Up (1975)

The premise of Catching Up is relatively simple. Keith Anthoni and John Farrel play a pair of lovers who just moved in together. John wants an open relationship, Keith doesn’t and then the whole movie centers around Keith getting his rocks off with other guys. This doesn’t make particular sense, since he didn’t want to […]

Flashback Friday: Hardhat (1977)

If the creamy cum shots alone aren’t enough to pique your interest in the 1977 gay porn film Hardhat, then perhaps you’ll be sold on the mustachioed men, blond twinks or such choice dialogue as, “Well, well! Meet my husband, the cocksucker.” This isn’t your standard construction worker porno! Adam Mitchell stars as a divorced […]

Flashback Friday: From Paris To New York (1977)

The ’70s were pretty wild, eh? Though I wasn’t even alive for the decade, my limited research has proven that gay culture was significantly different back then. It’s as easy to take for granted what we have now as it is to glamorize the days of yore, and you’ll likely find yourself doing the latter […]

Flashback Friday: Times Square Strip (1983)

Times Square Strip is the 1983 equivalent of Magic Mike, except with more hardcore gay sex and less, um, aspiring furniture designers. The film tells the story of an Iowa farm boy named Darryl (Buddy Preston) who lands a job as a dancer at the Gaiety Male Burlesque in Times Square. Amidst a throbbing disco […]

Flashback Friday: The Best of Bruno

Bruno has been referred to as “the quintessential gay porn icon from the ‘gay macho’ period of the 1970s and early 80s”. Much like Al Parker, he maintains a huge following to this day. If you follow dirty folks like me on Tumblr, you’ve probably seen his pictures floating around every now and then (even […]

Flashback Friday: Greek Lightning (1973)

Just when you thought nothing could be better than the theme song to 1984’s gay porn film Juice, you get an e-mail about an ol’ school flick that seamlessly blends hardcore man sex, high camp humor and car chasing action. Greek Lightning stars Jimmy Hughes as a secret agent hired to conceal a politician’s tawdry sexual […]

Flashback Friday: JUICE (1984)

It would not be an exaggeration to say that Juice has one of the greatest theme songs in the history of gay porn. The 1984 film, directed by Arthur Bressan Jr., stars Michael Christopher as the head photographer for a smutty magazine named, well, Juice. The plot kicks off when he receives a letter from his editor […]

Flashback Friday: Boynapped (1975)

The most interesting thing about the 1975 erotic film Boynapped? For me, it’s the inclusion of disco star Dennis Parker, who appears in the movie under the name Wade Nichols. It’s sort of hilarious to watch him in the goofy music video for “Like An Eagle“, then see him aggressively face-fucking a tied-up blond twink. The […]

Flashback Friday: Just Blonds (1979)

Generally, my dick doesn’t veer in the direction of other blonds, so I was taken aback by how much I enjoyed the trailer for Just Blonds. The 1979 vintage gay porn film, directed by Jack Deveau, follows Falcon Studios model Luke on a trippy, drug-fueled romp through the woods, complete with rimjobs, deep fucking, bukkake, intense […]