Brent Everett Deep Down Dicks Tayte Hanson

Follow the bouncing butt! Those are Brent Everett‘s beautiful buttcheeks (it’s all about ass on today) powering his fucking of Tayte Hanson. This is part 4 of Men’s latest, “Fuck Him Up.” Brent and Tayte play a couple having make-up sex. I’m guessing they’re happy together once more cuz’ Tayte gets FUCKED. His […]

STRFKR: Killian Wells, Brent Everett, And They Mention Manhunt

Brent Everett’s hot as balls, and so is the singer Killian Wells! This is Killian’s new single, “STRFKR,” and Brent’s all up in the video. That’s slang for “STARFUCKER” by the way. The story goes that Brent Everett is checking into a hotel in the beginning to be all sexy at said hotel, and the […]

Brent Corrigan Vs. Brent Everett

Is this awkward or hot? Diehard gay porn fans might remember Brent Corrigan and Brent Everett‘s infamous appearance together in 2004’s Schoolboy Crush. This film eventually became kind of controversial, because… Well, you know. Now, approximately eight years later, the two perpetually young-looking performers reunited for a very special New Year’s Eve appearance at NYC’s Splash […]

Who Wants To Fuck Brent Everett?

That isn’t a rhetorical question. If you’ve ever dreamed of stuffing your hard cock into Brent Everett‘s puckered asshole, your dreams are about to come true! After trampling the competition in Fleshjack‘s contest, his line of toys has officially made its way to the market. Now, you can safely take advantage of Brent’s cock, ass […]

Who Wants To Fuck Brent Corrigan?

We’ve already asked a similar question twice in the recent past, but I think we can all agree that exceptions can be made for Brent Corrigan. He’s the third and final winner of the Fleshjack Boy competition, which means you’ll now be able to have sex with him whenever you’d like! Although his line of […]

Twitter Feed (Me): Your Favorite Porn Dudes Feed The Twitter Bird

I know, I know. There wasn’t a “Twitter Feed (Me)” last weekend. I was DEATHLY ill. The illness was so much so that I didn’t jerk off. Not once. That’s how you know when I’m sick cuz’ if I don’t either jerk off or get off with someone else once a day, I feel like […]

Who Wants To Fuck Donny Wright?

What if I told you that you could have access to Donny Wright‘s mouth, ass and dick whenever you wanted it? The mischievous gay porn star made national headlines not so long ago, when he was arrested for breaking into a Louisville firehouse, removing the firefighters’ gear from their lockers and unleashing a hot load […]