Max Takes His First Load on Corbin Fisher

If you follow Corbin Fisher, you’ve likely been waiting for hot newcomer Max to take his first dick.  Head over to Str8Up for the detailed review this much hotness deserves!

Corbin Fisher: Barron And Thomas Hook Up

Corbin Fisher continues to provide the world with beautiful young men bringing out the best in each other. And when I type “the best,” I mean “jizz.” Barron and Thomas talk a romantic walk by the water, and make out in a tree beside a raging river. The prologue to the fucking is usually rather […]

Solo Artist: Corbin Fisher’s Eli Is A Definite H.A.F.

HOT AS FUCK. That’s Corbin Fisher’s Southern muscleboy Eli. He’s beautiful in the face, JACKED in the body, and has a nice thick cylinder of a cock that he loves to slowly stroke til’ it’s hard as stone. Something about Eli is really striking to me. He photographs beautifully, and that cherubic face! Bring him […]

Corbin Fisher: Xavier And Quinn Make For A Hot Pairing

Well, hullo, impossibly handsome young men who are about to fuck for us. Whenever I mosey on over to Corbin Fisher, there’s usually something delightful going on. Case in point- Xavier and Quinn! Look at the way Quinn is side-eyeing Xavier like he’s a hot dog on the grill ready for devouring. And devour he […]

Rhett Is Fucking Jonathan For Corbin Fisher

As promised, here’s more Corbin Fisher! Rhett has a smooth, muscular ass. It’s a pleasure to watch it bounce up and down as he plunges into his buddy Jonathan’s donk to blow a load. Bareback raw dog style! I love these cookie mold Corbin Fisher dudes. They all look like the frat guys I used […]

Corbin Fisher Has A “Challenge” For You

Here’s Kennedy, Kellan, Rowan and Colt. They’re all trying for the Dean’s List. The “Dean’s List” in this case appears to be the best bottom of the bunch. Who’s making this determination? Dawson. Rough, rugged, and masculine Dawson has his way with and dominates these willing and horny young men in this action-packed Dean’s List […]

The Corbin Fisher Boys Are Back In “College Fuck Buddies”

You asked for it. Since I took over, one of the biggest complaints that’s been voiced has been “Corbin Fisher? Where the hell did they go?” The only excuse I have is to ask if you’ve ever seen the porn promo content box here at It’s the size of Utah, and […]

Corbin Fisher’s “Lucas”

Memory Lane is really lovely this time of year… Even just mentioning him in this post brought back all kinds of dumb feels I forgot I had about Lucas from Corbin Fisher. So, after posting that, I immediately spent the next hour+ lost in a google image hole, searching for every image of Lucas […]