Jack Hunter Ravages Casey Everett

Jack and Casey find themselves alone on a beautiful afternoon. There’s a kinda twinkle in Casey’s eyes when he looks at Jack. You can see the passion between the too when they kiss. You can tell when Jack is aroused because his massive 9 inch cock grows full length and gets very thick. Casey loves […]

Jack Hunter And Ashton Summers Are Flip-Fucking For CockyBoys

Taking a break from “Camp CockyBoys” for a moment, let’s look in on Jack Hunter and Ashton Summers! They didn’t make it to the woods this summer, but they did make it with each other. And took turns taking the D! Versatile guys are the best. They’re good for all occasions. I love when sexy-hot […]

Jason Vario and Jack Hunter Bond Over The Piss Bucket

Foreman Adam Thicke has a tool that Hunter Mark canít put down, the hairy stud’s own jock strap bursting at the seams before he gets his ass owned. And this all starts at the construction site’s piss bucket! They met over a piss bucket! Jason Vario and xhardxtimesx.ru all-star Jack Hunter (I tend to […]

TitanMen: Jack Hunter And Adam Ramzi Work Well Together

All this from a piss bucket! Adam Ramzi uses a piss bucket in front of construction bud Jack Hunter. They stroke each other, kissing deep before Adam wraps his bearded lips around Jackís tool. ìSuck that big dick,î moans Jack, guiding Adamís head down. Adam gasps for breath, Jack beating his dick on the suckerís […]

Falcon: Logan Moore And Jack Hunter Get “Intimate”

Intimate is kind of an understatement. Logan Moore and Jack Hunter are kissing passionately in their underwear and tenderly rubbing their hands up and down their muscled-up bodies. Jack gets on the floor to show his lust for Logan by taking his thick erection into his mouth. Jack stares Logan in the eyes as he […]

Alex Mecum And Jack Hunter Are Flip-Fucking For CockyBoys

Yes, Alex Mecum and Jack Hunter flip-fuck in latest from CockyBoys. But Jack DOMINATES Alex when it’s his turn on top. Jack uses his cock to wring every last ounce of pleasure out of Alex’s rock-hard body. He’s clearly the winner in this flip-fucking competition. To Alex’s credit, though, he survives with his butthole intact. […]

Aspen Shoves Australia Up Jack Hunter’s Ass

Ok, he didn’t shove the entire continent. Just one of the native instruments – the didgeridoo! Tall cocksucker Jack Hunter is Aspen’s roommate, and he’s practicing his didgeridoo. And he’s making so much native Australian noise that beefy little Aspen can’t sleep! Aspen’s pissed! He’s so pissed that he stuffs the didgeridoo up Jack’s butt! […]

Huge Cocks: Jack Hunter And Cory Kane Flip-Fuck To See Who’s Bigger

CockyBoys is ALWAYS innovating. What better way to find out which of two men is bigger than have them flip-fuck? Sure, you could just whip out a tape measure or something dull and boring. But why not have the dudes use their buttholes as measuring tools? It’s genius! Jack Hunter and Cory Kane go about it […]

CockyBoys: Jack Hunter Bounces Alessandro Haddad On His Cock

The “C” in CockyBoys stands for “classy.” They shoot their scenes so beautifully, and they don’t put two models together that don’t automatically have chemistry. CockyBoys doesn’t fuck around. The “C” in CockyBoys also stands for “COCK.” Like the one Jack Hunter bounces Alessandro Haddad on in the latest chapter of “Missed Connections.” They kiss […]

CockyBoys: Colby Keller And Jack Hunter Should Do This Together All The Time

Colby Keller had ALREADY fulfilled my weekly quotient of “Colby Keller is porn royalty for a reason” this week with his flip-fuck fiesta with Jay Roberts when CockyBoys dropped ANOTHER new scene of his. In this one, he’s paired with fan favorite Jack Hunter. It’s what they call a “keeper.” Colby can no longer stand […]