An Interview With Levi Michaels: Cocky Boys, Web Series & How He Likes It In Bed

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Levi Michaels burst onto the scene a little over a year ago, and since then, this blue-eyed beauty has been unstoppable! He’s already taken on Darius Ferdynand, , Colby Keller, , and . That’s quite the lust list, and this Texas boy’s just getting started.

I caught up with this blond bombshell recently to talk about his future plans, his idea for his fantasy scene, and his hilarious new web series, “”.


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Read our interview and see even more pictures of Levi below:

Thanks for talking with us today Levi, and congratulations on your recent graduation! How does it feel?

Truthfully, it feels the same as it did last week and the week before. I haven’t been back to my campus before commencement in nine months, so I haven’t felt like a student in ages. I’ve been traveling abroad and working out in Los Angeles for a while now. But thank you for the congratulations! It’s nice to know it’s finally behind me.

It definitely sounds like you’ve been busy! What did you study in college?

The short answer, marketing. I had a very unique course path focusing on new media systems and how society interacts with them — figuring out how to best use different new media venues to interact with consumers.

Speaking of new media, let’s talk about ““. What made you decide to do a web series?

Oh, loads of reasons. The largest influence on my decision to start a PG-13 web series was just listening to those who follow me, people who enjoy my work asked to see more of me, and sometimes the side of me they wanted to see, I couldn’t express via simple text updates. YouTube provided a great venue for me to be able to express a visual personality and connect a little more with my audience.

And let’s not undermine the fact that I just have fun doing it!

I loved the video and the one you did with your roommate singing “” from Wicked. What sort of other videos do you want to do for the series?

Thanks! I had a lot of fun with both of those videos. You can expect to see a whole medley of different videos — whatever I think might be interesting and fun to film. My roommate and best friend Joe is becoming more involved as well, and the two of us tend to bounce ideas off of one another all the time. I think we have some great stuff in store for everyone. And I’m always reading the comments section and my for viewer’s suggestions, too.

Nice! Now that school’s out, you can post on a regular schedule. Any plans for the summer once you make it back to LA?

I’m really excited to get back to my new place in WeHo and start working on the new YouTube stuff. With all this out of the way, I’ll be able to devote a lot more time and energy into producing some quality, entertaining videos. I’m going to be traveling all around the continent over the next month working on some other video projects too, but I can’t say too much about those right now.

Keep ’em wanting more. Totally understand. Talk to us about how you first got started in the industry. What made you want to get into porn?

No one specific reason. I plan on making a YouTube video answering this question, because I get it so often, actually. But one key factor in my decision to enter the industry rather than to follow the traditional university path was simple — infamy.

I really enjoy the shock factor I have on people and forcing them to reconsider whatever preconceived notions they may have about sex workers. I’ve had plenty of run-of-the-mill traditional jobs, but I just decided this is what I wanted to do, so I acted on the opportunity.

Levi Michaels fucks Max Carter

That’s admirable! People tend to have a negative stigma when it comes to sex workers and the like. What do you think causes that kind of thing?

That’s a very interesting question, and to be honest… I’m not quite sure. I think there will always be a stigma about sex in general, especially in an austere, puritanical America. I think it’s unavoidable in a country that has such a high religious population that there are varying views about sexual acts for pleasure. So in turn, people who act freely upon those urges and desires will always seem, at least to a large percentage of people, a bit taboo.

You started over at . How was your time there? (Besides brief, I mean!)

It was great! Randy has a really great audience that really launched me into the industry. The boys at that studio are just drop dead gorgeous, but I didn’t really have great chemistry with most of them like I do with the . The studio is fantastic, but my look, personality and ambitions lined up more with Jake Jaxson’s vision for Cocky Boys, so I made the transition when the time felt right.

Those definitely have personality. (It’s in the name, after all!) Speaking of your look, you’re definitely sporting a scruffier look with Cocky Boys than with Randy Blue. Any new scenes coming up that we should break out the lube for?

Yeah, I’m really digging the scruffy look right now — it’s fun to play around with people’s ideas of masculinity. As far as new scenes, I can’t say too much, but I can say that you’ll definitely have some brilliant new material soon — one of which will be the final episode of Jaxson’s Answered Prayers series, where I’ve been cast as the title role. That should be a great one, and my first time doing anything like it.

I really like that series. is really pushing the envelope on the appearance of porn — it’s very design-centered, but still hot. Let’s say you have the chance to enact your biggest fantasy in an upcoming scene. What would that look like?

It would look exactly as my life does. I live my life with the idea that it’s all just my fantasy. I think it’s the best way to minimize the number of regrets you’re faced with. But if we were talking about how to best transcribe the fantasy that I live into a video, I think there would be lots of kissing followed by a lot of power play. I have my life very together and I’m very much in control of most of it, so it makes sense that it’s a bit euphoric for me to lose complete control in the bedroom when I’m with a partner that I trust and that I’m attracted to.

Levi Michaels and Colby Keller

Intriguing! So maybe something leaning towards BDSM?

Not quite. I still suppose I prefer vanilla. I just like it when it’s a little rough.

Now your web series is called ““, but what’s Levi like when the cameras are off?

The same — pinky promise. A large reason for me starting the series was to show people who I am when I’m not feeling super sexual.

Are you single?

Perpetually so. I’m a hopeless romantic. I like the idea of a boyfriend, but I’m far too focused on my own developments in life right now to worry about fitting a whole ‘nother human being into them.

Don’t rush it! Besides, the one who’s waiting for you will find you when you’re doing the things you love. I take it your family is A-OK with what you’re doing too, right?

My family has always supported my decisions, because they know that I do the things that make me happy and that I’m smart enough to be safe and smart with my actions. I’m very blessed.

That’s awesome. So from parents back to porn. Are there any stars out there you’d love to do a scene with?

There are still plenty of big name  I’ve yet to shoot with. I don’t have any particulars in mind, no.

Your scene with Darius Ferdynand was probably my favorite of yours so far. Great chemistry! I could see you and Gabriel Clark having a good scene in the future. I’m calling it now! Or maybe Arnaud Chagall. I think you two would play well off of each other.

Indeed. Well, keep your eyes peeled. I’m not going to say you can or can’t expect to see me with those boys soon. *wink*

From my lips to Jake Jaxson’s ears! So Levi, do you have any last words for the men of out there?

Thanks for taking the time to read this whole interview, and if you ever happen to find yourself in bed with me, remember I like having my hair pulled a bit. Cheers!



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