An Interview With Mike Gaite: Motorcycle Gangbangs, Ex-Boyfriends & Bear Porn

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Mike Gaite was recently knocked off The Ten for some reason. I’m not sure why, because for god’s sake people have you seen that ass? It is a mighty beast, and can’t be tamed no matter how many dudes fuck it. He also has pretty blue eyes and a really handsome face, one which only gets handsomer when other guys decide to shoot cum all over it.

Mike’s only been shooting for six or seven months, but he’s appeared with some of the porn industry’s finest performers. He’s also a living, thinking person, and so I decided to ask him some questions about how he likes getting fucked (hard), who he’d like up his ass next (bears), and who his favorite scene partner is. He’s extra chatty, but I found him entertaining so sorry if this is kind of a longread.


Read our interview and see more pictures of Mike below:

Mike Gaite

Is porn everything you expected it to be?

My prior experience in front of the camera was pretty much nonexistent, but took me under its wing (pun intended) and helped assuage my fears. When you are acting in the adult film industry, you have to be a porn star, not a porn character actor.

There aren’t many opportunities to dip your toe in the water; you have to dive in headfirst. And so that’s what I did. I thought I might get occasional work in the industry, but , my former agency, was instrumental in helping me get way more work than I thought possible.

Despite my ignorance about most things in the world of porn, I did my homework shortly before I started filming. I couldn’t really go to the library and find a guidebook for doing porn, and those e-how articles on how to be a porn star just weren’t cutting it.

So I contacted a famous porn star and paid him to give me advice on how to navigate through the adult film industry. I called him and said something to the effect of, “Hi, you are a porn star, I’m a porn virgin, and I want you to break my porn hymen.”

Mike Gaite

You debuted as a bottom and you’re definitely on the receiving end in almost all of the scenes you’ve shot so far. Is that what your non-porn sex life is like, too?

I have done about 80% bottom scenes and 20% top scenes, because I don’t have an amazing cock but my ass is pretty stellar. Off-camera, I’m probably closer to 60% bottom, 40% top. I would be able to push that number closer to 50-50, but I have trouble getting my partner to bottom. I keep Crisco handy in all rooms of the house for those fleeting moments when he might let me top him.

And what’s it like, having sex with you?

Off-camera, my sex life can be a little more boring than what you might see on camera. I don’t wear ball gags, I don’t cum when getting fucked in the pile-driver position, and I definitely don’t vary my vowel sounds the way I do on camera. I’ve never been bound to a motorcycle and gang-banged in my real life. I’d never actually been on a motorcycle before until I got fucked while riding one on camera.

So that’s what your sex life is not like…

And while I’m usually the sub on camera, I’m pretty dominant in real life. But I’m a (hopefully halfway decent) actor when it comes to filming sex. Before I ever started doing porn, I faked an orgasm while plowing my partner, not because I was tired of having sex with him, but because I wanted to see if I could successfully fake it, to convince him that I had just cum when I had done no such thing.

If I seem uninterested or distracted on camera, that’s probably reflective of real life as well. I’ve checked my text messages while getting rimmed and while rimming someone. And Lord only know how many emails I’ve composed while my sex partner was blindfolded.

That is amazing. I’m not sure if that’s good amazing or bad amazing.

I will admit that my “I’m going to cum” announcement is pretty genuine and similar regardless of whether or not I’m being filmed. I even announce it to myself when I’m alone in a room masturbating. I’m not sure why I’ve always announced to my partner that I’m going to cum. Maybe watching porn growing up taught me to announce my impending cum shot, but I’m going to be self-conscious about it now every time I ejaculate off camera.

Mike Gaite Ass

You’ve mentioned doing porn because you want to, not because you needed to.

I’m not sure anyone needs to do porn, except, of course, Rocco Steele, Dirk Caber, Ray Dragon, and all my other DILF favorites. I need them to do porn for my own pleasure. It would be a crime against nature for wickedly hot men not to be doing porn.

But I absolutely want to do porn for numerous reasons. For example, it increases the probability that I will have the opportunity to have sex with Dirk Caber. Do I really need an additional reason for doing porn?

Fair enough.

I do have two graduate degrees, neither of which is in Pornographic Arts. There are a lot of porn stars out there who now are applying and going back to graduate and professional school and trying to juggle that while they do porn.

That’s probably the smart way to do it. And it’s best to really figure out where you want your life to be going after porn before you invest time and money in more schooling. I wanted to get the rest of my life in some semblance of order before I jumped into the adult film industry, and while I probably failed pretty miserably in that regard, I do have some nice diplomas to look at along with my porn DVDs.

Porn is ancillary to the rest of my life. I’ve done about a dozen films in the past six months, but I really try to make sure I keep the rest of my life along a healthy trajectory. I stay in shape, but I don’t obsess about going to the gym or eating healthy or taking my t-shirts to the tailor so that he can take in the sleeves to make my arms look bigger. (Yes, I know someone who did that.) I try not to let porn or escorting distract me from the rest of my life.

Mike Gaite

I ask most people the same questions and the most interesting guys seem to be the most up-front about the rest of their lives.

We can pretend that I’m some paragon of virtue in a broken world because I have multiple graduate degrees, a career outside of adult film, clean and sober living, a loving and understanding partner, good friendships, financial and emotional stability, etc.

I may seem like I have my shit together, but the reality is that I’m tied up getting fucked over a trash can and loving every minute of it, so there’s really something not quite right.

I would totally enjoy fucking you over a trash can, just so you know.

I decided to take advantage of doing porn right now while I have the schedule flexibility to explore it. It’s kind of like backpacking through Europe after graduation, but with more semen in my face. Doing porn has been a good motivator to stay in shape for long as I can. If there’s a better answer as to why I’m doing porn, I have yet to come up with it.

Mike Gaite flexing

Has balancing porn life with your regular life been challenging at all? Have you been spotted in the real world?

Absolutely 1000 percent yes the balance is very difficult. Of course numerous people who knew me pre-porn have had strong reactions to my doing it. Some were flabbergasted, some were disgusted.

One of my best friends stopped speaking to me. One of my other friends told me that he would definitely continue to speak to me for the next year, but that he was eying an eventual run for political office, so he would probably have to stop speaking to me in a few years, at least until after the election. I’m not making that up.

There’s obvious lost opportunity cost that comes from investing my time and energy in a world as ephemeral as the adult entertainment industry when I could be instead focused solely on my career, but I’m pretty good at keeping a lot of different irons in the fire all at once.

Moreover, I really do have the flexibility to schedule myself when I want, so Mike Gaite can be done on my terms. And I have the most understanding partner in the world, who bakes me scones filled with love and clotted cream to take to the shoots.

Mike Gaite with an otter 2

Haha, you said clotted cream. What’s something you haven’t done on-camera yet that you’d like to?

I want to do bear porn. I would also like to venture deeper into the gay forest: seal pups and otters, silver foxes and wolves. But primarily I would like to do bear porn. Like the animal bear. Not the other kind of bare.

Gosh, that’s going to be confusing for people using a program to audio transcribe the text. Can you just insert a symbol of a bear into the interview for clarity? That would be adorable.


I can try. What’s your favorite scene been of the ones you’ve shot already?

My favorite scene has to be one I did recently for with my ex Max Sargent (to be released in spring). Yes, my ex. My scene partner was my ex of years past. I know there are plenty of couples doing porn together, but I don’t know of any exes like us who started filming together long after they had broken up with no possibility of ever getting back together.

I’d be inclined to believe ex-porn is better than partner porn, because there’s palpable anger and sadness and jealousy and guilt between exes, an awkward desire to channel the great sex of a past relationship and leave everyone truly guessing about how much the connection is genuine and how much it is manufactured.

I definitely upped my game in that scene, because I knew it would be controversial among our mutual acquaintances, and because I am super competitive with Max, and we are always trying to outdo each other.

Competitiveness leads to a better end product, and that competitiveness probably isn’t as strong in partner porn compared to ex-porn. Max and I almost had mutual restraining orders against each other, but we have an outstanding professional relationship without an ounce of drama. It was incredibly perverse and wonderful filming with him.

I was hoping you’d say it was the Adam Herst trash can scene from , so I’d have an excuse to bring that up again.

Rapey porn is pretty polemical, but as I filmed that scene, the porn crew and my scene partners have been extremely supportive and helpful in making sure that I was not actually suffering. I like approaching the pleasure/pain threshold, but unfortunately, I don’t really get close to that on camera because companies are understandably concerned about liability.

I want to get flogged harder on camera, but it just doesn’t translate well with the audience. And the Sleep Sack really obscures my six pack in a manner that is not camera friendly.

I believe real life is better than porn for rougher sex, because it allows for broader experimentation given the level of pre-established trust between people. But I trusted Adam a great deal when working with him, because I had had sex with him before numerous times in real life prior to working with him on film.

Adam and I first met in San Francisco, so not only did he pull me into an alley and fuck me over a trash can, but he also fucked me over a recycling bin and a compost bin. Again, I wish we had been able to go rougher, because we were both comfortable with it, but it’s hard to walk that pleasure/pain line on camera.

In terms of fetish stuff, I am very curious about doing something with furries or even animatronic manbots. And I haven’t been covered in peanut butter yet, but there’s always tomorrow.

Mike Gaite jockstrap

Peanut butter sex gives me the creeps because I saw as a young teenager. But I know what you’re saying. You’ve worked with . Are you actually over 30?

Well, how old do you want me to be? I’m a little too old to be a Twinkie these days, so I self-identify as a Little Debbie Zebra Cake or some other slightly more mature cream-filled snack.

I’m in my earliest possible 30s. I will not tell you what month I was born in, because I hate when people try to ascertain my zodiac sign, so they can draw all sorts of ridiculous conclusions about me. So I keep mum on my birth month.

Throughout the year, I like to tell people that my birthday is coming up in a week, in hopes of capitalizing on their largesse. Regardless of whether it’s January or April or September, my birthday is always imminent and gifts should be forthcoming. Did I mention my birthday is next week?

My taste in men has remained basically unchanged as I have aged. I have always been attracted to mature men. No gray, no play. You don’t actually have to be 50+ to qualify; daddy chasers can become members, too.

Through various relationships with guys several decades older than I, I’ve become pretty immersed in the 50+ culture. I’ve even started receiving a lot of direct mail solicitation for Medicare and other programs for older people for which I am completely ineligible. I’ve also received a lot of direct male solicitation, but that’s absolutely welcome.

Mike Gaite face

Insert male symbol here. If someone—me, for instance—wanted advice on how to be a better bottom, what would you say?

Take the stairs and not the elevator. Walk uphill both ways to work. Do whatever you can to develop your glutes. I am not going to give away all my secrets for developing a nice ass. Suffice to say, you can be a good bottom without being callipygian, but it will make it easier to find potential tops if you have beautiful hindquarters.

I would say that to learn to be a good bottom, you need to learn to be a good top, but that’s really completely untrue. Just put your legs in the air and feign a connection. It’s all about developing a dynamic that makes your partner want to get inside you, regardless of what you want. Make your partner happy and stop whining. And of course working your ass muscles like you’re chewing gum down there.

Mike Gaite

Noted. Last question: what can we expect to see from Mike Gaite in the future?

Bear porn? Coincidentally, my next two scenes are with my favorite sergeants, Sergeant Miles and Max Sargent. Those aren’t bear porn films, but they should be pretty enjoyable for me. In addition, I recently learned that someone I spent years lusting after is in the porn industry, so I will be pursuing filming with him pretty relentlessly. I’ll leave you in suspense on that one, but I know we will have great anatomy and great chemistry.

I will have flown 50k miles in January, and my February and March calendars are almost completely filled. I’m like the Ichiro Suzuki of adult entertainment—don’t look the part at first blush and never going to hit many out of the park but quietly rounding the bases and doing pretty well for myself at the end of the day.

I’m also working on a one-man show, Mike Gaite: A Bottom and His Music, which I hope to be workshopping this summer. And I am in the process of creating a porn movie called TSA Pre-Cum, given that I have a big airline pilot fetish.

And I’m slowly but surely working on my memoir, MikeGaite, turning my name into a single word to connote a scandal, like Watergate or Bridgegate. My ultimate goal is to make the “-ga(i)te” suffix page in Wikipedia. It’s actually far more extensive than one might think, so I stand a fighting chance of making it on there sooner rather than later.



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