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Based on the shocking number of page views for almost all of the Drawn To You posts, MHD readers love some imagination-based dicks.  And I can’t agree more with what good taste you guys have. As I’ve said before, Handjobs magazine gave me some of the best illustration porn of my teenage life, and their stories were beyond compare. Now, I know not everybody is into the father/son incest vibe, so I’m gonna steer clear of that for Story Time. But I still want to share some of the incredibly sexy tales that accompanied some of the best erotic gay illustrations of the 90s and 2000s. So welcome to Story Time!


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From Handjobs Magazine, March 2000

I was real excited to get my first summer job. I was only going to be a gas jockey at the local filling station, but still, it meant I’d finally have some money of my own and I could spend it on whatever I wanted.

Mr. Taylor was the owner of the filling station. He said he was glad to have the extra help, as it meant that he could finally have some weekends and afternoons off to spend with his family. He only had one other employee, Hank, and Hank was always busy in the garage.

Hank had just gotten out of the Marines last year. He had worked in the motor pool and that was what got him the job as Mr. Taylor’s mechanic. The boss said that there hadn’t been a car made that Hank couldn’t fix.

His time away from military service hadn’t softened Hank up at all. He still looked every inch a Marine, from his jarhead flat-top to his chiseled, muscular torso. But what really fascinated me about him was the big bulge in the crotch of his overalls. He must have been sporting one enormous piece of meat!

As the summer wore on, it got hotter and hotter. Hank had taken to wearing nothing underneath his overalls. That just made his bulge more enticing. Not only was it big, but now, with nothing to hold it down, it jiggled and bounced all over the place every time he took a step.

By the end of the day, the two of us were usually hot and sweaty. It seemed like I always smelled like gas and Hank was usually covered with smudges of grease and oil. Mr. Taylor had installed a shower in the men’s room at the station for me and Hank to use before we left at night. We didn’t stay open twenty-four hours like the big, new gas stations down by the freeway; we usually called it a day by around eight o’clock. Hank showered first, while I went around locking the doors and turning off the pumps for the night. By the time I was finished locking up, he was usually dressed and ready to go. But one night, as I was getting ready to hit the showers, he was nowhere to be found.

Story Time, Handjobs, Handjobs Magazine, Ass Fucking, Cartoon, Mens Room, Toilet, Garage, Illustration, Gay, Gas StationI didn’t think much about it until I walked into the men’s room and there he was, sitting on the toilet with his overalls down around his ankles, stroking his huge, uncut mancock.

Luckily, he didn’t hear the door open and continued to pump his meat. I immediately threw a stiffy. It was trapped inside my pants and was beginning to leak, so I had to let it out. As quietly as I could, I pushed my pants down around my knees and shoved the waistband of my jockeys down. I started to stroke my boycock in rhythm with Hank. My asscrack was getting really sweaty, and as I reached back to scratch it, my fingers brushed across my hole. It felt really strange to touch myself there while staring at Hank’s big mancock, but there was something about it that I liked. I kept my finger there while I played with myself.

All of a sudden, Hank must have become aware that he was being watched. He jumped and tried to cover his crotch with his hands, but there was no way he was going to be able to hide anything that big. I jumped, too. And blushed. I figured I was in deep shit now.

“Shit! Josh! I … I musta lost track of the time. I was just … you know …” he trailed off, looking at me kind of funny. My dick throbbed and jerked in my hand as I looked down at the floor and absentmindedly kept brushing my fingertip over my pucker. Hank started moving his hand up and down his rod again, still looking at me with that funny look on his face. “Hey, little buddy,” he said thickly, “you want some of this?”

I did, but I didn’t know if it was a good idea to admit it to this big hunk of muscle. He could have flattened me with one blow. I just stood there staring at him, feeling my cock twitch. I then realized that with every twitch, it was drooling out a dollop of precum.

“Yeah, buddy. You do want some of this. It’s OK, kid. We used to do this all the time in the Corps. Shuck your clothes and get over here.”

I quickly finished undressing.

“Fuck, Josh! You look like you really need to blow a load. If that prick of yours gets any harder, it’s liable to explode.” He looked down at his own throbber and chuckled. “Mine, too,” he said. I stood there, not knowing what to do.
“C’mere, buddy,” Hank said. “You ever fucked around with another
guy before?” I shook my head. “Didn’t think so. But we can have lots of fun together. Go ahead; touch my cock, buddy. I’m an old pro at this. Even before joining the Marines, I used to fuck around with my uncle. It was great practice. He taught me how to take a mean fuck … and how to give one,” he leered.

“You mean up the butt?” I asked. I didn’t think there was any way I could put something as big as Hank’s cock up my hole.

“Sure. You got another hole I don’t know about?” he joked.

“I don’t know, Hank. It’s pretty big,” I said as I tentatively reached down to stroke his huge joint.
“Nothin’ to it, Josh. You just gotta relax and let it in. It may feel a little strange at first, but you’ll really like gettin’ fucked once you learn how.”

I gave him a dubious look.

“Really, buddy. You should see the size of Uncle Buck’s porker. It’s a hell of a lot bigger than mine. The first time he slipped it to me, I thought it was gonna pop outta my mouth, but after I got used to it, I was bouncin’ up and down on it and havin’ a big time. I even shot my spunk off without touchin’ my cock.

“Uh … Why don’t you go ahead and give mine a suck while you decide?”

I had been running my fingers all over Hank’s big cock while he told me about getting fucked for the first time. It made my hole quiver just to think about it. Hank was leaking precum out the tip of his cock and I bent over to lap it up with my tongue. It was salty and tasted really good. I dropped to my knees on the men’s room floor and crawled up between the ex-Marine’s big, muscular thighs. The tip of my long, thin cock rubbed against the cold porcelain of the toilet. He slid forward to the edge of the seat and presented me with his big fucker.

I was just able to get my lips over the head. It wouldn’t go in any further. I sucked and licked around the head of his cock, pulling more precum out of the tip and down my throat. Hank moaned in appreciation and ran his fingers through my hair.

“Ooooh, buddy. Hold up there. I’m gettin’ too close and I don’t wanna pop off in your mouth. Lemme work on that hot little ass of yours and see if I can’t get my rammer up there.”

I stood up and Hank had me bend over to show him my hole. “Hmm … Looks real nice.” He stood up and moved in close behind me, kind of trapping me between the wall and his muscular frame. He stuck his middle finger in his mouth and then poked it up inside me.

Story Time, Handjobs, Handjobs Magazine, Ass Fucking, Cartoon, Mens Room, Toilet, Garage, Illustration, Gay, Gas Station“Yup,” he breathed onto the back of my neck. “You’re a virgin, all right.”

He pulled the finger out, squatted down, and buried his face in my asscrack. I immediately felt his tongue prodding at my pucker hole. The first thought that ran through my mind was, Gross! That’s my butt hole! But when I realized how good it felt and noticed that Hank was enjoying it as much as I was, I relaxed. I even started rubbing my butt up and down over Hank’s face. I was so into having Hank tongue my hole, that I hadn’t realized that he had kept prodding his fingers up inside me. Before I knew what was happening he had three fat mechanic’s finger’s swirling around in my butt next to his tongue.

“Atta boy, buddy. Open up. Lemme stretch it wide. You’re almost ready for ol’ Hank’s big cock. Ya wanna give me your cherry, boy? Wanna let your ol’ buddy Hank be the first to pork that hot, little ass of yours?”

“I … I dunno, Hank,” I sighed as he continued to work his tongue and fingers in my hole. “I wanna get fucked, but your cock is so….”

Just then Hank ran his fingers across something up inside my butt. It felt fantastic! It made my hole spasm and precum practically shoot out of my cock. He noticed my reaction and continued to hit the pleasure button up inside my hole.

“Look’s like I found my little buddy’s prostate. Feel’s good, don’t it? I’ll rub it with my cockhead in a minute … if you’ll let me.”

“Yes!” I shouted. The sound echoed off the walls in the men’s room and Hank laughed again.

“Thought that’d do it,” he said.

He pulled his fingers from my ass and slapped my asscheeks. “Hold up, boy,” he said. “Gotta go get some grease for that virgin hole.” He disappeared and returned with a grease gun from the garage. I was afraid he was going to shove the metal tip up my ass, but he just squeezed some out on his hand and smeared it all over my hole. It was cold at first, but it didn’t take long before my hole was all warm and greasy. Then, Hank took what was left on his hand and smeared
it all over his gigantic fuckstick.

He perched on the edge of the toilet seat and braced himself against it. “OK, little buddy, straddle that meat and slide down on it. Go slow, at your own pace. Just open up and let it slide inside.”

I did as Hank told me. He poised the tip of his cock at my greased up opening, and I pushed back. I met with resistance and groaned disappointedly.

“That’s OK, little buddy. Bounce on it a little bit. It’ll go in.” After three bounces, the fat head popped inside my tight hole. I gasped – not from pain, but from surprise at the lack of pain. “Good boy!” Hank said. “That’s fuckin’ fantastic. Turn around here and take a look, buddy. Ya gotta see my cock up your ass, Josh.”

I craned my neck around and lifted my leg so I could see. I was blown away by the sight of my hole stretched to the limit around Hank’s incredibly fat sausage.

“Damn, buddy! Your fuckin’ hole’s swallowin’ my porker. Look at that boycunt chew on my rod!”

I stayed balanced on one leg as long as I could. I didn’t want to take my eyes off of my hole as it twitched and spasmed around Hank’s big cock, but I couldn’t stay like that for long. My leg started to give out and I had to sit down. There was nowhere for me to go other than back onto Hank’s lap. As I sank down on top of him, I felt his boner slide further up inside me. I shuddered and pumped out several more silvery streams of precum as it slipped past my prostate.
When I felt my asscheeks come to rest against the base of Hank’s cock, I sighed and leaned back onto his thickly muscled chest. He wrapped his big arms around me and held me still against him for a few minutes. My asshole continued to pulse around his stalk.

“Yeah, my little buddy needs a good fuck. Doesn’t he?” Hank said as he slowly began to thrust in and out of my hole.Story Time, Handjobs, Handjobs Magazine, Ass Fucking, Cartoon, Mens Room, Toilet, Garage, Illustration, Gay, Gas Station

“Oh, God! Yes, Hank. Fuck me! Fuck my hole wide open!”

“Yeah, baby. Ol’ Hank’s gonna pop that cherry good.”

By now Hank was throwing me a full-out fuck; bouncing me up and down on his cock. I tried to grab my peter and stroke it, but Hank wouldn’t let me. He grabbed my arms and pulled them back behind me.

“Just ride it, buddy. Let me fuck that load out of you. You don’t have to pound your cock, Josh; your big buddy’ll get you off.”

I did as he said, and much to my surprise, I found myself getting closer and closer to orgasm.

“UHHHHH … Hank, you’re right. I’m gonna blow my spunk. Can’t hold it in. FUCK! I’M CUMMMMMIN’!”

The first shot flew over my shoulder and splashed against Hank’s cheek. The next one landed in my hair, and the last few trickled down over my chest and stomach, until the cum just drooled out of my piss hole into a thick, creamy puddle in my navel.

Hank let go of my arms and reached around to smear the spunk all over my torso as he continued to pump my ass. He wasn’t far behind me. He started huffing and puffing onto the back of my neck and before I knew it, he was flooding my butt hole with his scummy pudding.

“Oh, Josh! I’m doin’ it, buddy. Fillin’ your little hole … GOD! I’M CUMMIN’! BLASTIN’ OFF INSIDE THAT HOT FUCKIN’ ASS OF YOURS!”

Hank and I slumped back on the toilet and lay there panting as his big cock softened and slid out of my stretched out, greasy, cummy asshole.

When we hit the showers, Hank and I helped each other out by soaping up each other’s sticky cock. Hank was even nice enough to give my hole a good three finger scrubbing.


You can  We’ll probably feature him in a Drawn To You post in the near future.


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