Exclusive Interview With Steven Daigle

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It’s not every day that gay porn stars grace the pages of celebrity-driven sites like , but Steven Daigle is an exception to that rule. The former Big Brother contestant broke away from his reality television shackles to pursue a career in the adult film industry, and he’s achieved quite a lot in a short period of time.

Much to our surprise, Daigle was kind enough to take a break from his busy schedule and answer a few of our questions. Our interview finds him exposing everything from his self-diagnosed social anxiety disorder to his desire to film a scene with Trevor Knight. Hmm, maybe we with the latter of those two things? Not that we’re making promises or anything…

– Dewitt

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On any given day, do more people recognize you from your time on Big Brother or your work in the adult industry?

I completely get recognized from Big Brother more than porn. In fact, I don’t think anyone has ever walked up to me and commented on my porn career, unless it was at an event that I was making an appearance at. My porn career has been fast and furious. Although I have shot a total of eight scenes for six different companies, I have actually only had two videos hit the shelves.

Which of these two things had more of an effect on your decision to become a porn star–Viral Meningitis or Chi Chi LaRue?

LOL, thats funny. I can’t say that affected my decision, but it set into motion a series of events that lead to it being the right time and place for me to enter the adult entertainment industry. Viral meningitis was the gasoline, and Chi Chi Larue was the match.

Unlike most porn stars, you don’t have the benefit of hiding behind a pseudonym. Has that been a challenge for you in any way?

Up to this point, using my real name has had no effect on me at all. That’s not to say that if I decide to go back into the corporate world six months from now, it could potentially keep me from getting work. Honestly, I’m not really worried about it. My education and experience speaks for itself. If a company denies me employment because I had a short stint in the adult film industry, Fuck’em! I don’t wanna work for conservative assholes anyway.

Which would you rank as more difficult–riding a bull or riding a huge cock?

HAHA! Everyone wants to compare my bull riding to sex. Why is that so intriguing to people? To be completely honest, I’m not much of a bottom in my personal life, so riding a huge cock is a lot of work. It takes lots of preparation, and I usually hurt for a couple days after. On the other side of the coin, riding a bull is a lot of work, takes a lot of preparation and I usually hurt for a couple days after. Wait, I guess they are the same! Biggest difference for me, I bottom to either please my partner or make money. It isn’t my favorite thing to do, but bull riding is a passion. I would do it every day if I could.

Now we can’t possibly ignore the of 2010. The blogs were buzzing like crazy about that one! If you could go back in time, would you take it all back?

Oh, yes, of course that had to be brought up. Now that the whole thing has pretty much died down, I will speak candidly with you. I would do it all over again, only with a little less alcohol. I had one bitch of a hangover! I was initially really upset at the idea I had been used or played for someone else’s PR. But in the end, I got just as much PR as they did, and now it’s a really funny joke that I get a kick out of talking about. I hold no ill will towards at all. If all porn stars held a grudge every time a company, manager or agent screwed them over, we would all hate each other! Hopefully, I’ll get to do some promo work for Fleshjack someday…

Do you still think there’s a possibility that the contest was rigged?

All I know is that I was told I wasn’t gonna win, and I didn’t win. The contest was called ‘Fleshjack Boy’. Look at the nominees versus who actually won, and then make your own conclusions. But hey, it’s all about PR and marketing! The thing was a great marketing plan. I mean, let’s have some of the biggest names in porn promote our product for a month and not give them a thing for it. I can’t blame them. I’m just new to this industry and slowly learning that everyone is out for themselves, and it’s the companies who love to ‘use’ the models to their benefit. Sadly, it seems the models who work the hardest end up getting the least out of most deals.

Of course, you’ve made it clear that you have no hard feelings against the winners. You’ve even filmed a scene with Brent Everett! What was it like to have his big dick working your hole?

Working with Brent was a great experience. He is very professional, friendly and easy to work with. I have to say his dick was the perfect size. He isn’t too big, but just big enough to work in both my mouth and my ass. I can’t wait to see this scene! It was filmed so long ago, and I remember it was really hot.

In your relatively short time on the scene, you’ve already been paired (or in some cases, thrown into an orgy with) some of the biggest names in the industry. Who’s left on your wish list of potential scene partners?

I have always been a fan of Trevor Knight and Johnny Hazzard. Trevor, as much as I would love to say I’m ready to take your huge cock, I just ain’t. We need to get someone out there to convince him to let me top him, and then we’ll have one hell of a scene! I’ve always been a huge fan of Johnny, and I was totally when I first met him. In my first movie, he has a scene with Paul Wagner (sadly not me). I need to convince Chi Chi to throw us in a scene together. We could totally get some sparks going, and I’d certainly be honored to work with such a porn legend.

If you could relive any sexual experience–on camera or off–which would you choose? Feel free to describe it in detail.

When I was younger, around twenty-one, I had this good friend. You might even say best friend. We worked at a sporting goods store together and hung out a lot. His family were ranchers, and we often went to his ranch to go deer hunting and ride four wheelers. He even taught me how to shoot a bow and arrow. One year, he had a birthday party and everyone was really drunk. As people slowly left the party, I made my way back to his bedroom and kinda passed out in his bed. I slept in his bed all the time, no big deal. What was unusual about this time was that I was slowly woken from my passed out state, because his hands were inside my underwear. At first I thought I was dreaming, but I realized this was actually happening as I became more concious and awake. At first, I was scared, and I rolled over. He took this as an invitation to try and enter my ass. He pulled the back of my underwear down, and I will never forget him trying to thrust his dry, hard dick into my ass. Unfortunately, there was never any penetration, although I’d love to go back in time and throw a bottle of lube on the nightstand!

Surely, there must be some fantasies that you have not fulfilled yet. Tell us about them!

Actually, I’ve gotten to do some pretty incredible things. Situations that I would totally say were my fantasies, and now the whole world gets to watch. The group dick-sucking scene in Stalked was a lot of fun for me. Something about being on your knees with five cocks in your face is hard to beat. Also, the gangbang scene I recently did for was a lot of fun. No, I was not the bottom of the gangbang! I was one of the gangbangers, and that was one hell of a good time!

When it comes sex, what’s the one thing that you’d never try?

Fisting. I have no problem with those that do it, both tops and bottoms. I just can’t stand to watch it or think about it. For some reason, it has no sexual appeal to me at all. It just makes me think there is some kind of damage being done that can’t be fixed…

Most underrated bedroom activity.

Foreplay with underwear on. There is something about messing around with a hot guy in a hot pair of underwear. Everyone is always so ready to just get naked and go to town. I can make out with another hot guy in our tighty whities on for hours. Both the feeling of caressing a man’s underwear bulge and having mine caressed, that just throws me around the room.

So you’ve proven your versatility on camera, but you’re not much of a bottom in real life, eh?

I love pleasing my partner. If he wants to fuck me, I will happily bottom. If I have a happy and willing bottom, topping is always fun. I wanna be fucking them if that’s what turns them on. I’m really more of a passionate person who enjoys long sessions of kissing, lots of oral (I can suck a dick for hours) and, of course, some aggressive rimming.

There’s a tattoo on your back that reads “Strength Patience Diligence”. What’s the story behind that?

I have wanted a tattoo for my entire life, and I could never come up with an idea of what or where. After the liberating feeling I felt upon completing my first gay porn, I sat down and decided this was the time to finally make a decision. I knew I wanted it to make a statement and be personal in some day. While working out one day, these three words just came to me. Strength because I’m a strong person, patience because I need to remind myself to be more patient and diligence because everything I’ve achieved in life was achieved by being dilligent. It’s also my initials, S.P.D.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

In a ‘Medical Spa’ getting tons of Botox, Restilin and Lipo.

To wrap it all up, tell us something that people may not know about you.

I’m a self-diagnosed sufferer of social anxiety disorder. I get insanely scared when I’m among large groups of people, and I get overwhelmed very easily when approached by numerous people for autographs or pictures. If you ever see me in this situation, and I look like a deer in headlights… I am probably having a panic attack and doing my best to hide it. In order to keep myself sane, I do my best to self-medicate.

I also want to make sure that you all go check out my . It’s free right now, and I’ll have a paid members’ area coming later this summer with tons of videos of me and my friends having sex! Also, please follow me on Twitter, . I’m always sharing a little bit of my life, for better or worse.

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