Exclusive Interview with The Visconti Triplets

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Have you heard? Gay porn twins are so last week. While you were busy dreaming about double finger-banging 's Joshua and Jesse, we moved on to more exciting thrills like the . Sure, identical twins are hot and all, but we'd rather fantasize about three guys working our holes.

Even though they turned down our blatant advances, we were fortunate enough to speak with the Visconti brothers about embarrassing family stories, their not-quite bisexuality and the joys of having two identical siblings. Check it out, and let us know what you think!

– Dewitt

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So three brothers doing porn together–what do your parents think about that?

Joey: In the beginning when our parents first knew about it, they were really surprised; they were not okay with it.

Jason: Yes, they were shocked. 

Joey: But after they saw what we were doing and they saw that nobody was being harmed in it, they were fine.

Jimmy: It is weird for me that our parents have seen us having sex in pictures and videos – that took some time to get used to. They don’t look at it any more, I don’t think, but in the beginning they were concerned because they wanted to make sure that we were safe.

What made the three of you decide to do porn? 

Jason: Out of curiosity mostly. We always watched porn, sometimes together and sometimes on our own.

Jimmy: I thought, you know, hey, I can do that.

Jason: And maybe it would be a good way to make a living. Then we were approached by a model scout, which was the perfect opportunity. 

Jimmy: We just had to convince Joey to do it because he is such a shy guy. 

Joey: Hey, I did it eventually!

While shooting, has there ever been a time when certain parts of one another got too close for comfort? Was it difficult shooting your very first scene together?

Jason: No. We were always comfortable with each other growing up. 

Joey: When we were growing up, we always took showers together. We always saw each other naked. It was normal. 

Jimmy: It’s very natural for us to be naked together. Joey’s hesitation about doing porn together in the beginning was about doing porn, not about being naked together because we were always like that. 

Joey: For me, it was a bit awkward having to perform for a camera with all the technical people around. It is one thing to have sex, it is another thing to have to do it in front of an audience and feel like you have to entertain them. That took some time to get used to.

Jimmy: I never want to be boring. 

Joey: But now I am okay with it.

We know you guys are identical triplets, but who has the bigger dick? 

Jason: We’re identical… in every way! 

Jimmy: We once stood side by side with each other and measured our cocks, just to make sure, but yes, we are identical triplets… even when it comes to our dicks.

Is there anything you’re jealous about regarding your two brothers? 

Jason: No, not really. 

Jimmy: We used to fight a lot when we were kids about stupid stuff, but not any more. 

Jason: Maybe we should do a scene where we fight, like those wrestling scenes.

Joey: I always liked Jason and Jimmy’s tattoos but I wasn’t sure if I wanted one for myself. But I decided to get one, so now it is already started on my arm, the same place as theirs are, but we all have different ones. So I guess we have always all been equal but a little bit different. 

Care to share any embarrassing childhood stories about one another? 

Joey: Jimmy got caught masturbating in the backyard when he was a teenager. 

Jimmy: Don’t say that story! [laughs] 

Jason: Our mother caught him in the shed. He was supposed to be working in the backyard, cleaning things up because he was being punished for something he did – I forget what it was.

Joey: I remember – he left his room a mess and didn’t clean it up after being told a bunch of times, so our mother got very mad at him. 

Jimmy: I was always a bit of a, what is the word in English? Lazy? 

Jason: No, it’s slacker. 

Out of all the guys you’ve worked with on the site, who do you think was the hottest fuck? 

Joey: They are all really good.

Jason: The thing is, we get to choose what models we work with. We meet a bunch of models and then pick the ones that we like, that we think are hot, which is always fun.

Jimmy: Yes, that is one of my favorite parts of working in porn. It is like a buffet – all you can eat – except instead of food it’s hot guys.

Joey: We just shot a new scene – I don’t think it is even on our site yet – we shot it when we were in L.A. with a model who has worked with Falcon and COLT. This was one of our most interesting shoots. I am still very excited about it, and I think about it sometimes when I am by myself. 

What features do you find attractive in another man? Essentially, what turns you on?

Jimmy: A nice butt. 

Jason: A nice dick. 

Joey: I like smooth skin. Touching it and kissing it really turns me on.

What’s your favorite position to fuck a guy in? 

Jason: Doggy style. 

Rimjobs—hot or not? 

Jason: Of course! Next question. [They laugh.] 

Is there any porn star you’re dying to work with? 

Jason: Brent Corrigan. 

Jimmy: Ya, Brent Corrigan. He is the hottest twink in the United States. 

Joey: And the hottest bottom in the business! 

Have any of you ever tried bottoming or are you all exclusively tops? 

Joey: Yes, of course. We have a scene on our site where two of us are the bottoms. We did a scene where…

Jimmy: No, don’t tell them who did it. Just go check it out – it’s a surprise!

From army fatigues to tuxedos, you incorporate a lot of uniforms into your videos. Do any of you have a fetish towards dressing up or uniforms? 

Joey: I don’t know – what is a fetish? 

Jimmy: It’s when people like to do weird stuff or very specific things like toe sucking or something. 

Joey: Yes, yes, I know that, but is dressing up a fetish? 

Jimmy: Of course – some people get off on fantasies about hot guys dressed in uniforms, like police officers or something. 

Joey: We definitely like dressing up. We did a lot of that in the beginning. It breaks up the ‘normal’ action but making things a bit more interesting. I feel like we are playing characters when we’re dressed up. 

Jason: And it makes undressing a lot more fun, too. 

Joey: I never thought before that it was a fetish though, but I guess it is. 

We heard you're all bisexual. Did you ever have a threesome with a guy and a girl at the same time? 

Jason: Are we bisexual? 

Jimmy: Can we pass on this one, too?

Jason: No, no, I think it is a good question. I think that I would have to say yes, but only because I am open to it although right now it doesn’t interest me. We were open to doing porn in the first place, and we were open to doing porn together–not having sex with each other but being in the same scene masturbating or fucking other guys. So I don’t see why we wouldn’t be open to sleeping with a girl. 

Joey: Yes, I could have sex with a woman. I am not closed to it, but she would have to be super hot. Right now though, I am attracted to hot guys because they have hard bodies and, of course, nice dicks. 

What’s the weirdest feedback you’ve ever gotten about the site? 

Jimmy: The first time I found out we have female fans was kind of a shock. I just think about guys all the time that I didn’t think girls would be attracted to us, but then they told us we have quite a female fan base too. 

Do you have any celebrity crushes?

Joey: Brad Pitt. 

Jason: Me too. Is that an easy answer? He is getting older now, but he was one of the first actors in movies who had hard, six-pack abs. 

Jimmy: We talked about being bottoms before – I would be a bottom for someone like Brad Pitt.

If you weren’t in the porn industry, what would you be doing now? 

Jason: I think I would be a trainer. I love going to the gym, and I think I would have a good time helping other people workout properly and achieve their goals to build muscles. 

Joey: And you get to be around hot guys all day. 

Jason: Yes – that too. But I also like working with cars. 

Jimmy: Can I be anything? If I wasn’t doing this, I would want to be a professional snowboarder. I don’t get to do it very often these days because when we travel, it is always somewhere warm, like L.A., but I love the cold weather too. 

Joey: I always wanted to be in music videos, a back-up dancer in the background for someone famous. 

Last question… Have you guys ever switched during dates? 

Jason: That’s a funny question. No, we’ve never switched during dates, but we switch all the time during sex and the models that we work with often get confused about who is who.

Jimmy: It is only when they have worked with us a couple of times, or if they know us from before, that they know which one of us is Jason or which one of us is me or Joey. Then they know what I like to do and what my brother likes to do and they see that we are different people.

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