I’ve Never Done This Before: Jimmy Johnson’s Bottoming Debut

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My dick got pretty confused when  announced Jimmy Johnson as the next performer to get his ass virginity snatched away in their Top To Bottom series. The pros were pretty obvious! Jimmy is an attractive fellow, and he’s got the kind of meaty bubble butt that you long to see on the receiving end. It didn’t hurt, of course, that Colby Jansen would be the man popping his cherry.

The cons were a little less predictable. Jimmy is a gay-for-pay performer to the utmost extent. He rose to relevance through —and while some close-minded individuals believe that no heterosexual man would ever fuck another man, even if there’s a substantial paycheck involved—he insists to this day that he doesn’t find any aspect of gay sex enjoyable.

But does that mean he’s going to deliver a mediocre Top To Bottom performance? History has proven the answer is “no”. Fellow gay-for-pay performer Paddy O’Brian delivered the best bottoming debut in the entire series, so much so that it ranked about Colby and Liam Magnuson‘s excellent efforts in a xhardxtimesx.ru poll conducted in October 2013.

Without a doubt, the worst video in the series came from an actual gay man. Topher DiMaggio spent a whopping four minutes grouchily taking Lance Luciano up his butt. The clip made Rocco Reed and Tony Paradise, both self-proclaimed straight men, look as wildly dick-hungry as Armond Rizzo.

By now, you’re probably wishing I’d get to the damn point already. Where does Jimmy rank in the spectrum of Top To Bottom participants? This isn’t an easy question to answer, since it will depend on how much you enjoy the “straight boy getting fucked for the first time” fantasy. If you get off on that type of scenario, then you will really, really love this scene.

Once Jimmy reveals he wants to bottom for his fans, Colby chats with him about his previous experiences taking dick. There’s a very bro-to-bro dynamic about their exchange. Jimmy continues to be insistent that he won’t enjoy any anal penetration, while Colby repeatedly tells him that he might be surprised by how good it feels.

This doesn’t seem like it’ll be the case when Colby first begins to finger Jimmy. He keeps saying that he’s not getting any pleasure from it. Eventually, he agrees to lie to Colby and say it’s turning him on, then the more he gets his prostate massaged, the “holy shit” sensation takes over his body. He turns around to reveal that he’s getting a little hard.

What follows is one of the hotter visuals from the encounter. Colby sucks off Jimmy while continuing to finger his hole. We get a nice close-up of his round, lightly fuzzy cheeks getting probed, as a stream of moans and “fuck yeah” exclamations come over the speakers.

In an ideal world, some rimming would have come before or after this sequence, but Jimmy urges Colby to skip right to the fucking. Things start off very, very slow. The verbal exchange involves a lot of Jimmy asking Colby to go slower, all while Colby reminds us fine viewers at home how tightly Jimmy’s hole is hugging his dick.

The shots of Colby’s dick sliding in and out of Jimmy’s hole are a revelation. A bit of the magic fades when the camera captures Jimmy’s blank facial expression, but that same magic comes back when Colby offers up suggestions like, “You know, if I slap your ass, you’ll forget about your hole.”

And, well, the magic becomes a little more explosive as soon as Colby asks Jimmy if he’s ready for more. He picks up his pace, as beads of sweat form on his forehead. In response to this, Jimmy’s vocal reactions become less performative and take on a sense of urgency.

From there, it’s difficult for these two to keep up the momentum they’ve just established. They switch to two other positions—Jimmy on his back, then riding on top of Colby—and at that point, it feels like they’re just going through the motions out of some obligation to cover different bases. Jimmy is talented enough as an actor to sell that he’s kind of into it for the sake of his fans and the paycheck coming his way, but he’s not talented enough to deliver consistency in that regard.

That doesn’t necessarily make this a weak scene. While it’s nowhere near what Paddy accomplished, it’s miles and miles ahead of the sack of crap Topher foisted upon us. The standout moments are worthy of your load, and the bottom line (heh, bottom line) is that Jimmy really tried to make this something his fans would like to watch over and over again (so he’d never ever have to give up his hole again).

For those of you still bothering to read this, I’ll pose a series of questions that will indicate whether you should watch this scene. Do you like Jimmy Johnson or find him attractive? Do you like Jimmy Johnson’s butt? Do you enjoy seeing straight men experiment with gay sex? Are you someone who’s bi-curious or exclusively a top, yet the idea of bottoming for Colby Jansen gets you aroused?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, go to , sign up and hit the play button ASAP.

– Dewitt

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